How to Increase my Credit Rating?

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Although the weather has looked more like the middle of winter than summer, it is at this time of year that many people across the country will be packing up and heading off on their annual holiday. For most, this is a time to be enjoyed and for memories to be made, however it can become difficult as so many struggle financially and really have to scrape the bottom of the pit to find enough money to afford all that’s involved. There are many simple solutions available and the quick unsecured loans from Credit Noble are just one that more and more are turning towards.
Every year millions of people are turned down for financial help because of the dreaded credit score, if yours needs a helping hand, read on to find out some simple ways of increasing it.
- Can you vote? Being registered on the electoral roll is the first step to improving your credit score, a simple thing to do and vital as many companies use it to verify your identity, to combat against fraud. - Credit active? It may sound like a complete contradiction but people that have proved themselves to be trusted with credit are likely to be accepted again elsewhere, so if you can apply for credit-just make sure you pay it off on time and in full! - Stop applying! Every time a company undertakes a credit search on your file a trail is left (much like the crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel!) so if you are constantly applying at many different places in a short space of time this will only have a negative effect on your rating. - Direct debit, the way forward- It can be so easy to forget to pay something when you are dealing with cash, direct debit’s are simple to set up and will instantly avoid this worry.
By taking these steps today to improve your credit rating you’ll instantly be more attractive to lenders.


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